Ayurveda “A Riddle” to be Lived

“What is good or bad is always debatable question, as anything which is good for me may not be good for you or may be bad for you.”

“Same concept applies for the body also, the food that we eat and the air that we breathe the water we drink the sunlight coming to us and the space we got for ourselves [Prithvi(Earth), Jal(Water), Tej(Fire), Vayu(Air) and Aakash(Space)], makes our body and its balance defines our health too.”

  • Whatever our present state of ‘Health’ is or more precisely doshas are that is defined by our eating and living habits.
  • Science says we are accumulation of billions of cells and billions of bacteria (some estimates says that there are more bacteria than human cells). So our body is not just a single entity but a “balanced living space” where all the cells and bacteria live together and work coherently to give us a shape to which we Say “I”.
Stored Energy

“Any wrong combinations in the diet, sleep, water intake or habits causes this balance to go awry and resultant dis-balanced state is called “DIS-EASE”

And this disbalance may wreak havoc on the body if not taken care of in time. It may cripple your life for rest of the age or may leave indelible mark which is hard to go.

Ayurveda says there are 6 stages of disease 5 stages are underlying stages the only in the 6th stage person would feel the symptoms on the body. Realising or diagnosing the vitiated doshas in earlier stages before they really pop up and start giving the presentation is the right way of practice of medicine.

  • Ayurveda strives to strike the balance in the dis-balanced by first recognizing the causes of disbalance(DOSHAS) and then creating changes in the diet patterns, and behavior patterns through panchkarma and herbal combinations for regaining the Dosha balance and the end results are achieved, that is “HEALTH”.
  • In Ayurveda patient or the underlying cause is more important than the symptoms so by correcting the vitiated doshas with the help of herbal medicines and lifestyle changes we strive to balance the doshas thus the symptoms are auto corrected.

So let’s strive to save our only gift of God that is our health. Chose Wisely and stay Healthy.

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