Hidden Treasure Found!!!

Costliest Jewel on Earth

Hidden Treasure Found!!!

Our health is most precious jewel we have and sadly most ignored one also.

We do everything to spoil it from eating irrationally, using all types of addictions(drugs, alcohol, smoking, substance & lot more) odd working hours just for the Bullshit lifestyle!!

Are not we taking it for granted, just because it’s been given to us for free? Or Is it because mother nature has given so much of resilience to our body, that it would do everything to preserve the normal state of health, no matter how much we ignore it would bounce back?

No friends everything has got a limit and expiry date also, if you are not aware of it then just once in a month start visiting the nearby hospital wards to see the real state of affairs how bad it can be and how difficult and costly it is to regain your health, once you lose it.

 What would you do with all the wealth if there is no health?

Here we are discussing the ayurvedic herbs mentioned for thousands of years in Indian scriptures and may help amazingly in today’s times for preserving this jewel of Health.

Let’s discuss CURCUMIN.

It’s the active compound in the Turmeric (Haldi).

Its most wide use is found to suppress the proliferation of cancer.

Curcumin helps in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy given to the cancer patients.

Curcumin helps in improving the thyroid function thus a great support for patients taking thyroid medicine and other anti oxidant compounds.

Curcumin (Active Ingredient of Turmeric)

Curcumin is hepatoprotective that means it improves liver function protects liver from various damages like in alcoholics, cirrhosis and many other metabolic disorders

It increases the Brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Thus it helps in secreting new neurons, helps in fighting the diseases like Alzheimer, depression, helps in boosting memory and better brain activity.

Curcumin reduces inflammation, oxidation, cholesterol, improves endothelial function thus helps in reducing the heart problems

Arthritis especially rheumatoid arthritis is nothing but autoimmune disorder happens due to overoxidation, curcumin helps in reducing the damage of joints due to antioxidant activity.

It boosts skin color

It prevents tanning

Curcumin Milk

It is anti allergic thus prevents the urticaria,allergic bronchitis, rhinorhoea,  and many other allergic disorders in long term usage.

Not all Turmeric is Good for Consumption:

It should be a part of daily diet, but not all Turmeric(haldi) as good as it seems.

The Turmeric that we use in our household may contain harmful color which may give allergic reaction to the body.

Also, the way it is grown, whether it organic or what kind of fertiliser or pesticides are used in growing of Turmeric, will also make a difference to the final quality of the product as wrong or extra use of chemicals may not give a desired ratio of ‘Curcumin’ in the Turmeric.

Such type of Turmeric may not be beneficial for consumption.

In raw Turmeric the amount of curcumin(active Ingredient) is not calculated, normally it 2-3% only, that means to have the results one has to take at least 100g. of it, which may not be possible practically. Chose FDA approved extracts with calculated curcumin content which is readily absorbed into the intestine thus is giving quick results.

Also, curcumin is a complex molecule and it is not absorbed into the stomach or intestine. It should be mixed with piperine compound which increase its absorption by 200% and it would work only when it’s absorbed.

Milk/Water Soluble, Tasty shake

Like Allergies, skin problems, acne, pimples, antifungal, antibacterial, liver protective, psoriasis, various cancers, protecting the body from side effects of chemotherapy,  radiotherapy, reduces inflammations, boosts brain activity, increase memory, reduces depression, helps in schizophrenia, endothelial function improvement thus reducing the risk of cardiac arrest, Arthritis esp. rheumatoid arthritis.

If just adding a spoon of it in your glass of milk would give you so much protection and health, shouldn’t it be a part of your daily diet.

Just think! let’s respect the knowledge of our seers who has given us a treasure of knowledge and we just have to use that knowledge wisely for our benefit & for which the world is going crazy.

Curcumin the Elixir in Our Hands

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